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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Topless Waitress?

The entertainment industry in Sydney is at a high intensity level nowadays. This is because of the new breed of waitresses that are serving their food. Are you interested to be a topless waitress? You need to audition with one of the night clubs in the city. However, you will need to be resourceful when searching for these jobs, as they are not usually advertised. This article will guide you on how to audition for these jobs.

Tone up your body

If you are auditioning to become a topless waitress, make sure that you have a toned body. You need not have the perfect figure but just toned. Cellulite or stretch marks are acceptable in most clubs. If you are not confident about your body, diet and exercise will give you the figure to be able to work in strip clubs.

Be prepared

The next step is to call a local club you are planning to work for as a topless waitress. You can ask them for some details such as the type of audition and what you should wear. You should be ready to turn up, dance, and remove your clothes while the club is still closed. You do not have to worry if you do not know how to pole dance because most topless waitresses in Sydney do not know how to pole dance at the start. All you have to do is be as sexy as you can when dancing.

When calling the club to audition, you should also ask about the dress code. Depending on the club, some require gowns while others require bikini. This is part of the preparation for lingerie waitressing. Some clubs will require you to audition with your street clothes and tell you on the spot if you are hired. If this is the case, wear something that will show the shape of your body such as skinny jeans and tight top.

Audition during Amateur Night

Some clubs conduct auditions during Amateur Nights. This is an event when all aspiring strip dancers show up and dance on the stage in front of customers. Judging will be based on audience reaction. In some clubs, the winners are given the chance to work in the club as a prize.

Invest on stripper shoes  

Stripper shoes can be bought online or in local stores. The ideal heel size is 3 inches and you should be comfortable wearing them.

Not many women are able to qualify as lingerie waitresses in Sydney. If you think that you got what it takes to be one of then, by all means, audition in one of the clubs.

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