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Ericsson Home office in Cyberjaya: Architecture Principle

Ericsson Home office in Cyberjaya: Architecture Principle


Serina Hijjas is known as a wellknown Malaysian architect plus the director within the Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. She got 20 above years experience in this architecture design arena Serina took over their dad fascination with this engineering field simply because her father is also a strong architect, Hijjas Kasturi, the particular founder connected with Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. Serina graduated with a Qualification in Structure in University of Quarterly report and Bachelor’s of Scientific discipline in Architecture from the Barlett School for Architecture in great britan. She was once an archietctural assistant along with the Foster Good friends, focuses on masterplan for Cal king Cross for two main years right after her school. Later on, your lover decided to return to Malaysia and also work for Hijjas Kasturi Contacts focusing on conceptual design, plan management at retail, office building and business. She linked to Masterplan on Putrajaya.

Serina Hijjas will be the founding member of Malaysia’s Grren Building Ways of timekeeping technical Committee, which nancy very professional with her practical experience and architectural background. The exact Committee gets the skilled membership for boards with Architects throughout Malaysia but it corporates considering the member of PAM. One of Serina greatest fulfillment with her firm was getting involved with the particular Putrajaya Masterplan design. Him / her company moreover work in a great many otehr profusion large scale undertakings such as the Masterplan Core Is Boulevard to get Putrajaya and also Putrajaya Convention Centre, Ericsson Malaysia on Cyberjaya, Telekom Malaysia Headquarters Building, ASEAN Instisture of Medicine, and much more. She’s got been very active in the section of Energy Proficiency and suatainability since the woman formative numerous years of architecture training in The Encourages, London. In addition to getting needed for much of united states government projects, she’s also brought much discussion and be a very good speaker around giving their speech plus talks in various alternative architectural workshop.

There are handful of awards that will she awarded during these 20 over many years of experience and that is the Asean Energy Proficiency Award just for Securities Commission Headquarters, Bukit Kiara in 2001, Nominated for the Aga Khan Accolade for Telekom Malaysia Head office in 2004, Demonstrated at the Royal Academy Summer time Show, Wind generator tower Category just for Telekom Malaysia Headquarters, some nd Place Worldwide, Dubai Nationalized Library Contest in august 2005, Asean Electrical power Efficiency Award for Telekom Malaysia Home office in 2004 and staying nominated with the Aga Khan Award to get Putrajaya Tradition Centre on year 2006.

ii. Job description

Uncomplicated this job is to display and familiarity with architect’s gothic theory from a direct question and study of this projects. All of the architectural features in the chosen building will be broken down and matches with the relevant system theories. Moreover that, exploration of the association between construction and its cultural, cultural together with intellectual setting will be carried through drawings and homework.

iii. Building Introduction

In this essay, the main chosen building to be studied is the Ericsson R& D Building created by Serina Hijjas, The client on this project may be the Ericsson. The building would be the headquarter involving Ericsson within the Asia region. The budget of this project was initially RM110million plus it completed in 2010 2002. The the home within the Swedish telecommunications giant, is located in the Multi-media Super Passage, Cyberjaya. This excellent building, by using a total air-conditioning area of 500, 000 sq ft, households state-of-the-art establishments for R& D developments. The air-conditioning system uses the perfectly chilled water from district cooling down (primary circuit) and is distributed into the construction (secondary circuit) through high temperature exchangers. The particular state-of-the-art air-conditioning system hooked up in this constructing incorporates the main innovative understanding of raised-floor solutions and accuracy air-conditioning program. (Effective Soothing Technologies, 2006).


Ericsson Home office in Cyberjaya has large overhanging eaves roof to counteract excessive sun energy to enter your house and affect the comfort level for users. The very orientation belonging to the building within the site, the spot that the East w. part of the construction, is coated with long overhang eaves, can be a treatment devices.

The massive overhanging ceiling at the sections of the developing, having for being a perforated style of roof, having the sunlight towards penetrates in the external spaces forming a great shadows connected with spaces.

Sizeable overhanging roofs at the entrances with extensive curtain outlet creates a outstanding entrance. There is also a tree structure roof top at the appearance to provides feeling of enticing to the end users at the same time as the shading gadget, protecting users from sun and rain. The exciting roof for the entrance, owning the glass in the rooftop, letting light penetrationg and casting light giving an bright as well as interesting appearance.

The key courtyard within the building emphasizes on the penetrating of all natural daylight into your spaces wherein the both sides roof possessing alittle involving overhang to get shading reasons.

Greens, house plants and foliage were rooted on the related to of the establishing to provide decent ventilation and comfy space.

Trees planted along side road previously turning into the actual entrance with the building. Typically the trees provides shades from the hot issues in Malaysia and also work in being green inside the building, supplies a comfortable plus relaxing sense to the consumer and passbyer.

For good permit, cross air flow and bunch ventilation are being used to attract the wind into the constructing. External A blowing wind goes through from windows into stairs building a heap ventilation, by which cross circulation were shape when the reverse sides of your windows are being clear, letting from the wind for you to goes in in addition to out to ventilate the building room designs.


Being a hybrid car of Modernism and Regionalism, it embraces yet miles itself with both, aiming to cultivate a new resistant, personal information giving traditions while at the same time owning discreet option to universal technique (Frampton, 1983, g. 20). Crucial Regionalists are generally “opposed to be able to mindlessly implementing the narcissistic dogmas while in the name regarding universality, resulting environments that happen to be economically great priced and ecologically destructive on the human community” (Tzonis, Lefaivre 2003, p. 20).

Glenn Murcutt-Magney House (1984)

Magney House is usually an example of crucial regionalism. The property was constructed the growth of vegetation site which is where it is relatively untamed and undeveloped. It has an external usb room which in turn supports patio living outside wind yet relatively involved with the sun and the see. The effect from this space within the plan can be liberating-This living space act as a new overturns of your conventional style of domestic box and posits a much more changed and spatially diverse alternate. (Metcalf, 2012)

An influence architecture about this building is by the essential regionalism. In the Ericsson HQ, it adapts the greenary of the internet site and added in more shades of green, using lumination material and also a more humanic scale for you to blend considering the site together with nature, while using influence connected with climate inside providing shadings and airflow to the building, the Magney house furthermore uses the information on stainlesss steel and a glass as the light source structure for any house, combining with the sunny location.

Ericsson HQ works with with the web-site where the direction of the construction at the site, having an easy and very clear access inside the building. This is because the location in the building have the zero cost access on the main access of hwy. People can potentially have a look at access to your house from the motorway. Easy access out of main route to the significant entrance of the building. The positioning are between greenery, getting a beautiful landscape along the highway to the access of the construction. The tactic of dynamics towards the making focuses on the very entrance, aquiring a beautiful in addition to grand entry, having the standard water features together with beautiful plant life and timber to show enabling people know the entrance from the building.

The very approach for greens in the building intergrating with the internet site to express typically the tropical place. The site mostly are surrounded by green vegitables, therefore , to check back while using site, foliage are being grown at the adjacent where it does not only function as aesthetic intent, but also intergration towards the blog, act as as well as from the sizzling hot climate together with heavy rain, and gives the nature along with tropical feels to the consumers.

The building elevation also provides for a humanic increase and natural environment landscape style and design to the website. The design of distance off the ground of the creating doesnt offers a fear and even oppress sensation towards the people but any humanic basis, because of fewer and general height degree of building.

The exact materials put to use are mostly mining harvests and window. It makes a light experiencing as the development and product used are light, offering a permeability sensation to the people. High window curtain wall are being used, allowing for the all natural daylight for you to penetrates during the building, protraiting a good vigor efficiency. Significantly less artificail lights is neede to enlight the space during the building because of the utilizes of cup. The design will provide immunity in not providing pure daylight, but in addition to prevent substantial daylight on the building, effecting roofs plus metal cladding in the act are being widespread. The fakeness having material cladding that not only offers shades to internal places but also work as a aesthetic value towards the facade layout that fits the environment. Metallic material make the perfect material as it is suitable to raise Malaysia, in which manufacturer of metal especially aluminium tend to be widely evident in Malaysia, and it is is more eco friendly substance compared to concrete floor or stones.


The material applied to the building are mainly glass and also metal. Them shows a mild and advanced architecture design and style through the layout, material along with technology made use of. The buidling are vitality effiency over the technology utilized for the building including air condition powers. The air-conditioning system employs the cooled water on the district chilling (primary circuit) and is distributed into the creating (secondary circuit) through temperature exchangers. The state-of-the-art air-conditioning system built in this construction incorporates often the innovative idea of raised-floor technological know-how and finely-detailed air-conditioning method.

Besides of which, glass product used will allow penetration with daylight on the building, offering free organic daylight, cuts down the makes use of of man-made light thus cost will reduce not only in lights cost but also in surroundings condition(ventilation) vice. Therefore , it’s a good consideration of style and system in constructing on results of the creating and the environmental. Framing the view outside the window of internal and external.

Metal truss roof utilized in the construction where the essudato truss supports wide cariety of top system as a result of excellent muscle to unwanted weight ratio. It will weigh right until span for 40m without having need for second time beginners support line. It makes it possible for the makers to have a larger flexibility if working to optimise internal living space. Metal truss roof presents light development, durable, long lasting, prevent pesticides, and will not need completes.

The construction used in the most crucial entrance like a shading devices are generally known as the timber structure as being the structure for support companies out to be a tree. It’s also known as patio umbrella like shape as it brings like a outdoor umbrella. This composition are brightness and also primarily use simply because shading units in Malaysia along the Alur Bukit Bintang.

The advantages of implementing metal along with glass. Stainlesss steel has a excessive strength and also weight rate. Thus metal are very made for long duration building, experiencing high ductility where it includes the energy ingesting capacity and will not suffer on quick failure. In contrast to glass make it easy for natural light the actual space it is encased. This very reason could be the idea powering applying window materials around wall development. The energy consumption is decreased. Besides in which, air conditioning program does not have to operate more in order to fully trendy an area given that glass can be described as bad automovilista. Choosing the two content in the design and style, it helps to improve not only in the particular efficiency but environmental welcoming and also offers a modern pattern design.

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