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Here’s Why You Should Never Overlook Print Ads for Your Business

​Whoever said that print is dead has never fully understood the magic of marketing. For the longest time, businesses have relied on printing companies for this line of work and the results have spoken for themselves. Here are some of the benefits of relying on print ads and other print marketing materials.

Gives Stronger Credibility

A company’s credibility is crucial for it to gain more recurring customers. One of the ways to strengthen a company’s credibility is by advertising through print on established publications. This strategy is called “halo effect” where companies associate themselves to other bigger companies so that they could gain more positive perception like how consumers see bigger companies. Through the help of respected printing companies, business owners’ ads can be easily seen as more credible.

Offers Varied Options

Advertising through print is probably the most flexible marketing strategy. Business owners can choose which part of the magazine or newspaper they will place their ads. On top of that, printing companies can give a wider variety of options to choose from. Entrepreneurs can choose which day their ads would run and they can either advertise through specialty magazines or newspapers that are delivered in specific areas only, making it easier for them to target their consumers. Also, entrepreneurs can tailor their ads based on their budget. They can choose whether to use a quarter, half, or even the whole page for their ads depending on their budget.

Helps Get More Recognition

Advertisers can get creative with TV and radio ads but they only have a few seconds to impress the audience so they won’t be forgotten easily. However, with print ads, companies can be easily recognized anytime anywhere. For instance, entrepreneurs can ask companies specializing in label printing in Melbourne to print promotional materials with their logo on it that consumers can use every day. That way, when the consumers use those products, they would be reminded about the existence of the brand.

Delivers More Concrete Results

Of course, business owners don’t just advertise. They also have to make sure that their ads can drive action, and print ad is one of the ways that can surely do that. These days, we have technology to help in delivering dramatic results. The use of QR codes and other interactive gimmicks by printing companies in Melbourne or anywhere in the world within print advertisements can build better results. In fact, survey says that 65% of print readers are often convinced with the ads that they see on print.

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