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Luxury Villas for Secluded Thai Breaks — Where to Find Them

Not only Thailand offers the best honeymoon packages but also the perfect place for couples who really want to be alone for quite a while. Phuket villas are not only a home away from home but also provide the perfect sanctuary for couples wanting to be alone while enjoying a homey environment and honeymooning  Here’s where the best can be found.


At Phuket’s famous beaches, luxury villas offer fabulous accommodation for couples who want to enjoy some quiet time while enjoying the sand and the sun. 5-star villas near Naiharn Beach have private swimming pools and well-equipped kitchen to allow couples to enjoy cooking meals together. Phuket villas that are only minutes drive from Rawai beach offers 2-storey villa accommodation with stunning sea views plus outdoor pool and hot tub. Luxury villas near Naiham Lake on the other hand, offer beautiful and serene lake views and self-catering accommodation. Most of these villas offer no reservation fees and the cheapest villa accommodation rates. For couples who love entertaining and partying, there are luxury villas in Phuket with private patio and lush garden good for some day or night partying. The rent comes with an in-house chef or butler and housekeeping staff to take care of the couple’s needs and their guests as well.

Hua Hin, Bangkok

Hua Hin is a favorite retreat of the Royal family and luxury villas located near Hua Hin, Cha-Am and Pranburi offer great locations for short respite from the noise of the city. Pool villas here offer secluded break by the seaside and couples get good vibes from the ultra luxurious surrounding and the infinity pools offer sub-submerged experience while overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The villas are usually 2 or 3 bedrooms with the same or more fabulous amenities of 3 bedroom villas in Phuket. The location is near the famous Cicada market and Night Market and the Thailand Royal Palace, Klai Kangwon so expect to see and experience high-end dining places, shopping and lazy strolling. Since this is the expensive side of Thailand, Thai villas for rent here are expensive and for the big spender.

Pattaya villa

Pattaya is a popular Thailand destination and where most tourists stay and roam around. However, it still offer great places for couples who want secluded break after the usual Pattaya walking and strolling experience. Pattaya villas on Pratumnak Hill have the luxury environment and bed pool villa experience right down in Pattaya area. Couples can enjoy a sprawling bedroom villa with pool, hot tub, and the same fabulous amenities of Phuket villas while enjoying the beach, the nightlife, and their very own privacy.

On a Thai honeymoon? Stay in Thai villas and enjoy it the most.

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