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Martial Arts That Are Suitable For Kids

Martial art is one of the best ways in instilling discipline in kids. It also offers great opportunities for kids to learn embarking on fitness goals, self-awareness, and self-esteem. Muay Thai kickboxing for kids allows kids achieve flexibility, strength, balance, self-control and confidence. Here are types of martial arts that are suitable for kids.


Karate lessons will teach kids to kick and strike, and do defensive blocking using the arms and legs. Karate is a type of martial arts that teaches emphasis on mental attitude and courtesy so kids learn to be alert and build self-respect and respect for others.


Kids in youth boxing class learn basic boxing skills and techniques such as stance, jab, cross, hook, stance, and guard. Muay Thai kickboxing is a variation of youth boxing that teaches kids of ancient art of 8 limbs. It involves the use of kicks using knees, elbows, and clinching. The focus is on teaching kids the art of self-defense and in building confidence while being physically fit and healthy.

Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Level 1 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teaches kids the takedown technique, the position control and position escape, and submission for 50 minutes. Unlike Muay Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu for kids is mixed martial arts focused on integrating physical education and self-defense techniques in fun and conditioning skilled-oriented games. It teaches kids courtesy, discipline, concentration, and self-control.

Judo for kids

It gets kids learning throwing moves. Kids benefit from acquiring balance, good posture, and stamina. Kids can learn Judo at any age although they might not be allowed to join competition. Like Taekwondo, it is for self-defense, discipline and self-control, and there is belt ranging from novice to black belts.


Aikido teaches kids of avoiding confrontation and not using force in opposing force. It is a form of children martial arts that teaches kids on harmonizing opponents through throwing moves, joint-locking, striking, and pinning. It involves learning techniques against attacks such as kicks, punches, strikes in single hand or two hand grabs. It teaches kids the principle of peaceful resolutions of physical conflicts.

Getting your kids into martial arts is helping them become more complete and integrated adults. Learning can be challenging for them but at the same time a rewarding experience that allows them to be in harmony with their selves and with the world they live in. On this time we’re in, it is the best way to bully-proof your kids and at the same time it helps them build self-confidence and become peace loving individuals.


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