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Must-Have Shots For Your Dream Wedding Video

A wedding video is a great way to remember your wedding day. However, one of the dilemmas that a wedding filmmaker faces is exactly what to cover. They have limited recording time and there are hours of wedding to cover. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s impossible to fully film an entire wedding.

This is why they need to prioritize. You and your wedding filmmaker will need to hammer out exactly, which scenes that needs to be filmed. Here is a brief list of some must-have shots you need to see in your wedding video.

Individual preparation

A wedding filmmaker should start out at the opening of the day. The moment you and your spouse-to-be wake up and start preparing for your big day is something not to miss. This sets up your video and gives the viewer a sense of anticipation before the big event.

Candid shots

Though the wedding is all about you, you’ll want to get an outside look. Turn to your wedding party and have some interviews. Have your friends and family talk about you and your partner. Funny stories are a good idea, though romantic ones are also very welcome. This gives an additional perspective to the wedding.

Setting up the big event

A wedding is a big event and wedding videos have to cover much of it. You’ll need to show a few quiet moments before the pomp. One of these is the set-up. Have shots of the church and reception area as people make it ready. Shots of the church or wedding area, both exterior and interior, are a great way to set things up before you segue into the big event.

Tying the knot

The wedding ceremony is the high light of the event. Wedding cinematographers should take special care when filming this sequence since a lot is happening. Shots of the bridal march down the aisle, reaction shots from the groom and the family, the first kiss, and more are all necessary if you want a good showing for your wedding video.

The first dance

The true highlight of the post-wedding ceremony is the first dance. Have your wedding filmmaker set up at the right position to film this romantic scene. You’ll want to show off just how good you and your partner look for posterity.

Dramatic final shot

All good things must end and your wedding needs to close with something suitably dramatic. Brainstorm with your wedding video expert to see how you want to end it. Maybe you’ll want a shot of you driving off into the sunset? Or, maybe a dramatic seaside shot? Then end your video with a band so that you can remember it for always.

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