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Penrith and Other Parts of Sydney to Experience Big Changes

Urban no more – not today but maybe sooner. Sydney is about to experience new projects from the government as a plan for growing Sydney all the more. Such a project will definitely bring in more tourists and excite the locals.

Sydney, particularly those who live in Penrith have more reasons to rejoice this year as the government is taking actions in growing the said region from the land down under. Just a few weeks ago, Sydney’s federal, state and local governments have agreed to allot a $20 billion budget to make a plan for growing Sydney even more. The government aims to allocate the said billions of budget to build a new airport in Badgerys Creek.

Such a plan to build a new airport will not just bring in a bigger number of tourists in the region but it will also encourage more jobs in education, health, logistics, and transport. As a result, more than 120,000 jobs will open in the region. According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a recent forum for business investors, the planned airport, which will be around 10,000 hectares big, the project is a “game changer” in the region’s economy. He added that the said project will make western Sydney as “one of the best places to live and work” in the land down under.

Apart from the said airport project, Sydney should expect more residential projects as a part of a plan in growing Sydney as well. Although residential projects are not new for the people of Penrith, people should still prepare themselves to witness the rise of more medium and high-density apartments with mixed-use precincts. It is said that 850 apartments will be built next to Penrith Panthers’ Entertainment precinct, making it by far the biggest residential projects Penrith will see. It is so big that those who are marketing the project marked it as “a visionary new community.” As per Penrith Mayor John Thain, the new residential projects will give the younger people of Penrith “the opportunity” to stay in the place where they grew up in. “But certainly (the new residential project) will bring more people in,” he added.

Moreover, Western Sydney director of the Sydney Business Chamber David Borger sees the infrastructure development projects such as Badgerys Creek airport and Sydney Science Park and Northern Gateway development will entirely change the landscape in the region, making Penrith ready to live up to the hype of the population and record investment in Western Sydney in 2016.

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