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Photography Trends for Year 2017

If you are wondering about the latest trends in photography this 2017, then you’ve come to the right place. For the couples who are planning to get married any time in the future and are already searching for some wedding photographers in Sydney, ask if they are aware of these trend predictions that were released earlier this year.

Bold in color

As you may have seen in the past, vintage style faded photos became immensely popular. We give the credit of course to none other than the ready-made filters on Apps such as those that we see on Instagram. As it seems, wedding photography will be making a shift, and this will now be geared towards vibrant colors. According to Getty Images visual trends report, bold, unconventional color combinations will be making a big splash this year. If you want to see photos that ignite excitement, this is the trend that you should be requesting from that of your wedding photographers.

Film is in

Now we have seen this in the early phases of photography. With the development of digital cameras though, it seemed that it was evident that films will eventually we wiped out, or so we thought. While you may not encounter a business that offers wedding photography in Sydney using this medium any longer, some schools may opt to add this in their photography courses as it can help teach the student to work with their camera better and have a proper understanding of light. In fact, Kodak is going back to the classics with the Ektachrome Film.

Black & white is coming back

Some wedding photographers in Sydney will be offering their services using the black and white theme. Now, this may have been due for a resurgence given the fact that images in black and white make up for timeless photographs. Some even describe these photographs as having a high level of artistic vision. But of course, you can only achieve the best results if you work with experienced photographers.

Technology will improve

While some schools may implement the use of films, the camera manufacturers will only keep on coming up with new types of cameras. The same can also be said about photo editing apps. What could this mean for you? It means better photos during your wedding day since photographers often make it a point to update the tools that they use.

It’s always a fascinating year for wedding photographers in Sydney. The trends may be different next year, but one thing is for sure – photography is here to stay.

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