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The Right Doors to Open

You may not think about much, but doors are pretty important to a house. For example, concertina doors do not just look good, but they can save you space when you open them. They can act as impromptu walls to help divide your house.

This is why you’ll want to select your door wisely. If you’ve the choice between normal doors, concertina doors, and other types, you’ll need to evaluate a few things. Here’s a simple guide on how to make your door selection.


First of all, you’ll want to figure out the purpose of the door. An external door is a lot different from an internal door. For example, a concertina door is a lot more useful for indoor use. It can be used as an external door, but you’ll want a more solid choice.

When picking an interior door, your main concern is for it to do two things: maintain privacy and to look good. Exterior doors are for protecting the home from intruders, though having a good-looking exterior is a good bonus.


Now that you know what you’re buying for, you’ll want to select the right material for it. There are several choices right now: wood, steel, fiberglass, and MDF.

Wood is the traditional choice. This is because it combines durability with looks. However, it does need a bit of maintenance to ensure it stays in pristine condition. Bifold doors are usually made of these because they look great when folded up.

Steel and fiberglass are more recent options. You’ll want to buy them for security purposes. Nothing discourages a burglar more than a steel door, after all. However, they don’t tend to look as good as wood.

Finally, there’s MDF or fiberboard. This material is very wood-like so it is a decent substitute. If you don’t have a big budget, MDF is your best bet as a balance between durability and looks – though you’ll want to paint it over so people don’t notice it isn’t actually wood.


You’ll also want to consider the size of the entrance you’re covering. A simple door should cover six-feet tall and three wide entry. However, for larger ones, you may want to get bi fold doors or a sliding one.

Additional Features

You’ll also want to consider additional benefits. This includes heat retention and convenience. A door can be more than just an entryway. Ask your dealer what other features a door can have to see if you’d like to add it to your home.

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