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Specialists Doing the Balancing Act of Planting and Cutting Down Trees

It’s indisputable that Australia needs more trees. Their benefits are never more felt than in the urban areas where they help bring down high temperatures, reduce the wind’s intensity, retain rainwater, improve the health of residents, take up carbon dioxide, muffle traffic noise and even attract wildlife. However, the country is under pressure to cut some trees down because some of them are becoming unsafe. One of the most common reasons for the safety concern is the critters who live in the trees’ hollows. They’re dangerous to have in urban areas. However, cutting down trees just can’t get done because having them is dangerous. This is where the expertise of Sydney arbor trees comes in.

Some trees have to be retained as animal habitats. The cavities of the trees they live in take decades and sometimes centuries to develop. It also takes about 50 years for many trees to reach their mature size. However, Sydney arbor trees often have to recommend these older trees to get cut down because they’re more likely to succumb to the constant development going on.

All specie has the constitution to keep itself alive for sure many would argue. However, in the case of NSW wherein 150 species of their wildlife use tree cavities as their home, 40 of these are listed as endangered. Sydney arbor trees even have to make hollows for them to live in.

Besides, cutting down trees means saying no to the monetary benefits they bring. Canberra’s 400,000 trees that were planted in the past century now give them A$15 million in income.

No one can deny that fact that climates over the past 50 years had drastically changed making it harsher for trees surrounded by sealed surfaces, as in the case of urban trees, to thrive. That’s why for any urban planning and development, an arborist needs to get consulted. An arborist, a professional in the cultivation, study and management of trees, vines, shrubs and perennial woody plants make sure that no tree is unnecessarily cut down or gets neglected.

Top Notch Arborist

An aqf level 5 arborist:

* is experienced in fieldwork

* knows the codes of practice and standards that concern trees

* have relevant insurance covering professional liability, indemnity and workers compensation

* has completed units of study for proper communication of tree management issues to councils

* helps in tree valuation

* helps in tree management plans and transplanting

* helps resolve neighbour disputes involving trees

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