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The Most Secure Payroll System: The Cloud

The employment landscape of Australia continues to evolve. Regulations make it difficult for businesses to keep up with everything to properly pay employees. A payroll is made up of salaries and bonuses, taxes, and others. When manual payroll gets done, the person-in-charge should have updated payroll legislation knowledge. Likewise, manual calculation increases chances for mistakes bringing about the need for checking and approval compromising manual payrolls’ security and confidentiality. Forms need to get filled up among many others. When it’s as overwhelming as this, businesses are accountable to get it right. It’s time for them to get cloud payroll services.

Pros of Payroll Services in the Cloud

* Flexibility. Request tailor-made services when you use the cloud. Cloud payroll services only do what you want them to just like any payroll department.

The cloud payroll system can get used for businesses of all sizes. From a handful of employees to a hundred, from groups to franchises, all payrolls can be in the cloud. Even big accounting firms and financial bureaus are getting into this, without their business clients knowing it, for streamlined payrolls and HR functions.

* Cost-efficiency. Manual traditional payrolls get done using software that needs regular updates. Cloud payroll services only use an internet connection to store your data in remotely secure servers. Updating of software gets done by the cloud payroll provider.

* Simplicity. After just putting in the worked hours in a secure portal, data is available immediately, payroll gets processed, money gets deposited through online bank deposit, firm and client get payment reports and tax information and all withholding tax, deposits, reports and forms get electronically filed. Compliance to regulations had never been easier. That’s advance payroll services using the cloud.

* Security. Payroll services using the cloud have the same security banks have. They do regular security audits, employ staff to monitor threats, have intrusion detection anti-malware, data encryption and advanced firewalling. They have the best and the latest in security accreditation, data protection features and physical security features. No system is more secure than that.

Thousands of companies use the cloud for data storing and analyzing. Eighty-five percent of companies in Fortune 500 use Yammer, an internal social network storing data in the cloud, to work on confidential projects. Everyone had already gotten over their security doubts of the cloud.

No doubt. Payroll is one of the most problematic areas of any business. Not anymore. Not if you’ve got payroll solutions to handle paychecks, taxes, even worker’s compensation and so much more. Not if you use the cloud.

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